“Karipain dry balm” in case of vertebral column and abarthrosis diseases

“Karipain dry balm” is a popular papain-containing medication effectively applied in treatment of vertebral column and abarthrosis diseases. Concentration of the active ingredient is on the 350 degree of FIP-E units. Thanks to the activation of Papain molecules the medication can be applied by electrophoresis. Papain remains active not only in acidic, but also in neutral and alkaline environments in the range of 3 to12 pH which helps increasing mass-transfer of active ingredients during electrophoresis and achieving maximal concentration of active ingredients within the problem area.

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    Therapeutic Indications

    «Karipain gel» is indicated in the management of following conditions:

    • intervertebral disc protrusion (pre-hernia);
    • spinal disc herniations;
    • inflammatory and generative joint disease (arthrosis, arthritis, bursitis, etc.);
    • osteochondrosis;
    • osteoarthrosis;
    • arthrogenic contracture;

    It also is indicated in cases of other degenerative-dystrophic changes of vertebral column and abarthrosis. Besides, the medication is highly effective against keloid cicatrix, scars, and burns of different origin and in treatment of cicatrical adhesions.


    D (+) – lactose monohydrate, Papain, Lysozyme, Sodium Chloride.

    Main properties of active ingredients



    A monothiol cysteine endoprotease called Papain is produced from the milky juice of special varieties of papaya. If to apply Papain on the area where spinal or articular cartilage is damaged areas with necrotic cells resorb. As a result, good conditions are built for recovery of bone and vascular tissue.

    Papain positively affects areas of spinal cord injury. Thanks to the unique properties of this substance protrusions reduce in size and become softer. In consequence of regression pressed vessels and nerves get released, so sensation of pain disappears. Besides thanks to Papain recovery of intervertebral disk tissue happens much faster.

    Advantages of «Karipain dry balm» are in strictly verified concentration of the active Papain on the 350 degree of FIP-E units. Active ingredients maintain their health properties up until the expiration date established by the manufacturer and they have necessary physical compatibility which allowed them to be applied with method of electrophoresis. Thanks to such an approach it has become possible to effectively treat musculoskeletal diseases with conservative methods.

    Effectiveness in use

    Conducted medical research which involved patients of different age groups showed that dry balm «Karipain» gives positive clinical results in more than 77% of cases. The medication improves condition of muscle tone, motor activity and neurological status, improves structure of damaged bone tissue and biomechanics of spinal column. On top of that, almost all patients noticed improvement of health in general, significant decrease in pain and also dissolution of morning stiffness in joints and spinal column.

    Counterindication in use

    Counterindication for spine and joint disorders treatment is individual idiocrasy of the ingredients complexed with the balm.

    Drug unit

    Vials 1 gram with the capacity of 10 ml. Carton packs of 10 vials each.


    Keep dry; protect from light at a temperature from 0 till 20 degrees C.

    Expiration date

    24 months. Date of manufacture (series) is indicated on the tube.

    Karipain Dry Balm

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