Gel «Karipain Ultra» in case of vertebral column and abarthrosis diseases

«Karipain ultra gel» is successfully used for musculoskeletal disease treatment. Thanks to the balanced complex of ingredients and carrier molecules Transcutol «Karipain ultra gel» can be considered as a topically-applied separate procedure and as an addition to the medicine electrophoresis with the purpose of increasing effectiveness of treatment and reduction of total amount of procedures of electrophoresis to avoid catholysis of cells.

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    Therapeutic Indications

    «Karipain gel» is indicated in the management of the following conditions:

    • intervertebral disc protrusion (pre- hernia);
    • spinal disc herniations;
    • inflammatory and generative joint disease (arthrosis, arthritis, bursitis, etc.);
    • osteochondrosis;
    • osteoarthrosis;
    • arthrogenic contracture;

    Therapeutic use

    • Topically-applied

      usage of karipain ultra gel

      There is nothing difficult about using the gel: it is to be applied on affected body area (any region of vertebral column or a joint) with a thin layer and with soft massage movements to be embrocated into the skin until it is fully absorbed

      • Course of treatment: 4 weeks
      • Application: 3 times per day, apply 2-3 grams on 10 square centimeters
      • Repeat after 1 month
    • Additive for electrophoresis

      usage of karipain ultra gel

      Combined application of the gel with other pharmaceutical preparations of “Karipain” series increases effectiveness of treatment and is prescribed in case of spinal disc herniation with size of 4 millimeters and bigger. «Karipain ultra gel» provides synergetic effect in case of using it together with “Karipain dry balm” and electrophoresis.


    Water, sorbitol, papain, chondroitin sulfate, boswell extract, transcutol, eumulgin HRE 455, polyglycol 400, rhodicare S, ascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid, kathon CG, perfume compound.

    Main properties of active ingredients



    A monothiol cysteine endoprotease called Papain is produced from the milky juice of special varieties of papaya. Applying Papain on the area where spinal or articular cartilage is damaged makes areas with necrotic cells resorb. As a result of it, good conditions are built for recovery of bone and vascular tissue.

    Papain positively affects areas of spinal cord injury. Thanks to the unique properties of this substance protrusions reduce in size and become softer. In consequence of regression, pressed vessels and nerves get released, so the sensation of pain disappears. Besides, thanks to Papain recovery of intervertebral disk tissue happens much faster.

    Boswellia extract

    Boswellia extract

    To prepare Boswellia extract, resin of deciduous trees from the family of burzerovy Boswellia Serrata L. are used. This component provides anti-inflammatory, antianxiety, antimicrobial and antiseptic action. The extract prevents production of biologically-active and chemical substances which appear in cases of inflammation, but with that it does not have side-effects. Thanks to the Boswellia extract complexed with «Karipain Ultra» metabolism improves and area of inflammation regenerates.

    Hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid

    Almost in all tissues of the human body hyaluronic acid is present, but while aging, it is less produced. First and foremost, skin cover and joint fluids suffer from lack of this polysaccharose of animal origin.

    Complexed with the gel, hyaluronic acid prevents cartilage destruction by oiling its surface, ameliorates the composition of intra-articular liquid, releases carbohydrate-protein elements from the fiber of cartilaginous tissue and reduces susceptibility to pain.

    Chondroitin Sulfate

    Chondroitin Sulfate

    Basis of Chondroitin Sulfate complexed with the gel is glycosaminoglycan and disaccharide residues of D-glucuronic acid. Thanks to its unique properties, this component from the cartilage protector group has a very big impact on the joint and cartilaginous tissues.

    Chondroitin Sulfate stimulates regeneration of cells, entraps water in them and helps to normalize the buffering function in joints. This element, similar to hyaluronic acid, provides analgetic and anti-inflammatory action.

    Its ability to penetrate into fibers of joint tissues allows it to act upon metabolism in joint tissues which improves motor activity. Besides, Chondroitin Sulfate helps with the production of collagen, which is the main component of connective tissue.



    Gel «Karipain Ultra» is made of a combination of active ingredients which effect increases significantly together with Transcutol.

    This element is transcutaneous which in other words means it is an endermic conductor, that delivers active ingredients of the gel 2 centimeters deep inside. Besides high conductive capacity, Transcutol has unique features to release the necessary doses of active ingredients directly within the tissues.

    Advantages of the gel «Karipain Ultra» are in strictly verified concentration and balance of active ingredients. Active ingredients maintain their health properties up until expiration date established by the manufacturer. Thanks to such an approach it became possible to effectively treat musculoskeletal diseases with conservative methods.

    Effectiveness in use

    In accordance with clinical research, positive effect of the gel was recorded in 78% of cases of pathological moderately severe conditions of musculoskeletal system.

    Clinical experience was conducted with 143 patients between the ages of 28 and 68. The best results were noticed by patients with osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, protrusions and also discal hernias of small sizes.

    A combination of «Karipain Ultra» with physiotherapeutic procedures increases the chances if not of the full recovery, then at least of long-term remission significantly. Together with that it is a fair assumption to say that the gel can be applied by a wide range of conservative methods of treatment of spinal and joint diseases even if there are counterindications for physiotherapeutic procedures.

    Counterindication in Use

    Counterindication for spine and joint disorders treatment is individual idiocrasy of the ingredients complexed with the gel.

    Drug unit

    Laminated tuba of 30 ml. Carton packs of 1 tube each.


    Keep dry; protect from light at a temperature from +5 till 25 degrees C.

    Expiration date

    24 months. Date of manufacture (series) is indicated on the tube.

    Karipain Ultra Gel

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